Consider the Value of your Travel Management Partner

Travel Management is the process of managing, controlling and containing travel-related expenses. At its most basic level, a company needs a written travel policy and the means to enforce and monitor that policy.

If you are looking to maximize every dollar of your travel expenditure, Corporate Travel Solutions has the products, business travel solutions, experience and capability you need to successfully manage your travel related expenses.


Corporate Travel Solutions ?Control and Business Travel Services drive to merge high-tech with high-touch while providing seamless connectivity, maximum convenience, exceptional quality and huge savings for our customers.

Our Online Travel Booking Technology combines the ease and familiarity of popular travel sites with the control of a fully managed corporate travel program.

Management Reporting
Effective offline and online travel management requires consistent data reporting that contains the following three elements: (1) Financial Information; (2) Control Data; (3) Management Information.

Offered both online and offline, our ?Travel Management Reports are completely customizable to help you control, contain and manage your travel-related expenses.

Quality Control
Our Quality Control systems ensure policy compliance and monitor preferences for a cost-effective, quality trip.


Written Travel Policy Development
A written travel policy, critical to controlling travel and entertainment expenses, encourages support among travelers by setting reasonable guidelines, explaining the rationale behind them, and describing penalties for non-compliances. A strong policy also provides leverage in supplier discount negotiations. If one is not already in place, we help you design, implement, and update a complete written travel policy.


Unused E-Ticket Tracking
Did you know that it is typical for a company to allow upwards of 11% of all unused e-tickets to spoil rather than reusing them? Allow us keep track of your unused e-tickets.