Our Clients
If you think a corporate travel agent would be too expensive for your business, consider how much more time you could spend with clients, growing your business, with a team of experts taking care of your travel arrangements.

Established in 1994, Corporate Travel Solutions is a Winnipeg & Mississauga – based travel company with a national presence. Whether you travel once a year or several times a month, our professional and personalized services will meet your needs.

The foundation of our success are our skilled travel professionals and the personalized service they provide. Dedicated to finding you and your employees the most cost-efficient ways to travel, they have the expertise to handle complicated itineraries and unexpected changes. Our team members have been involved in all aspects of the industry and understand the ever-changing travel environment.

Contact Corporate Travel Solutions for a no obligation assessment of your travel management requirements and a services proposal TODAY! Fees are based on YOUR needs and how much time and effort it takes to professionally manage YOUR services. The same fee doesn’t fit all!

Corporate Travel Solutions takes care of OUR travel needs so we can focus on our clients!